JBR Licensing - Official Portal to Jelly’s Universe

Welcome to Jellybean’s Universe. My name is Tessla Queen and I’m the official portal keeper to Jelly’s world.

I’ve been creating for over two decades now. I don’t create like other writers or artists do. Early on, I created characters and designs exclusively. Yet, since my style is so different, I soon realized that I also had to create a world where my style of art would belong.

This proved more difficult than I had anticipated. I didn’t grow up reading novels. I preferred short stories in my school years. I also had a heck of a lot of TV viewing under my belt—especially sitcoms.

Thus began the long process of learning not only how to write, but how to do it in a way that would best suit Jelly’s world. I didn’t desire to write a grand adventure. I wanted to write about people in unusual circumstances struggling with everyday things.

I also had to figure out how to present Jelly’s world in a way that readers could easily navigate since the scenes don’t come to me in the linear fashion that would be utilized for writing a typical novel.

What you see on this website are navigation squares which will take you to writeups about my various websites, where Jelly’s Universe is showcased, as well as links to their locations.

Most of the sites contain imagery grouped according to theme.

If writing is what you’re interested in exploring, then I would suggest you visit Jelly’s Notebook where you will find dispatches from Jellybean Reds as well as from their best friend Blue. 

—Tessla Queen, Keeper of the Portal